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Collegiate Chapters

Alpha Genesis - The University of Texas at Austin

Beta Exodus - Prairie View A&M University*

Gamma Leviticus - Texas A&M University*

Delta Numbers - Sam Houston State University*

Epsilon Deuteronomy - Langston University*

Eta Judges - Grambling State University*

Zeta Joshua - North Carolina Central University*

Theta Ruth - University of Houston*

Iota Samuel - Texas Southern University*

Kappa Kings - Yale University*

Lambda Samuel - Lamar University*

Nu Chronicles - Troy University

Xi Chronicles -Central Michigan University*

Mu Kings - Michigan State University*

Omicron Ezra - South Carolina State University*

Pi Nehemiah - Claflin University*

Sigma Job - Texas State University*


Alumni Chapters

Alpha Isaiah Genesis -  Charlotte Metro Alumni Chapter*

Alpha Jeremiah Genesis - Houston Area Alumni Chapter

Beta Jeremiah Exodus - Austin Area Alumni Chapter


Collegiate Colonies

Ole Miss Colony - University of Mississippi*


Alumni Colonies

 DFW Colony - Dallas Ft Worth Metro Alumni


(* - indicates inactive chapter)